Welcome to Progressive Apse - IT Consultancy

We are a London-Essex based information technology consultancy established since 1996. Initially providing software development services to the investment banking sector we now concentrate on wider consultancy services to small businesses and charities.

We know small businesses may not have large budgets to invest in permanent IT support staff but that does not mean the need for scalable, robust and effective solutions is any less important. We will take the time to understand your existing and future business requirements and incorporate your existing technology with some new, if necessary, to provide you with a dependable solution.

This is where our methodical, analytical and technical consultancy comes to the fore. Either through a service level agreement or on an emergency basis, it will be our business to deliver the services you need to continue and develop your business.

Services We Provide

Everything from infrastructure review and development to servicing your virtual and physical technology, we seek to provide you with a thorough service.


We Work For You

Sometimes it is forgotten that information technology works for business and not the other way round. Our solutions are designed to work with and enhance your business processes and not hinder them.

Clients Choose Us

It is a testimony to the service we provide that the majority of our clients are acquired through external networking.